Cascade lamp by Angela Damman


Cascada Chadelier ceiling lamp, made with four layers of natural fibres from the Sansevieria plant. Designed by Angela Damman.

Height: 85cm
Diameter:96 cm

About the Artist: Angela Damman. This American artist began her training in fashion in Wisconsin. However, after observing that she could not generate a social impact with her work, she decided to change and encourage local development in small communities.

After her arrival in 2012 in Yucatán, Angela sought to generate community development projects, so she continued with the idea of economic reactivation and conservation of the region's natural resources.

Her extensive research began with henequen, and then expanded to focus on sansevieria: a natural fibre of vegetable origin. With all this learning, the level of responsibility that Angela acquired towards the conservation of the technique, led her to make the decision to form her own plant for the cultivation, obtaining and transformation of sansevieria. In order not to lose the work on this material, which until then had only been carried out by an elderly craftsman, the designer set up her own crushing plant.

Angela's work is another example of the fundamental role of design in social change.

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Información adicional
Dimensions 85 cm
This is a one-of-a-kind item and therefore is unique. Subtle variations in color, texture, size, and shape from the images should be expected.
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